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Transformational Technology Initiative


The Educational Technology department administers the Transformational Technology Initiative for elementary schools in Granite School District.

In February 2018, elementary school principals were invited to apply to participate in this grant program.

The purpose of the Transformational Technology Initiative is to have a significant impact on student learning outcomes by targeting innovative school leaders. Granite’s Transformational Technology Initiative is based on research from Project Red. Project Red research identifies nine keys to student achievement when using technology.

Intervention classes: Chosen schools will be required to have a school wide tier two intervention system in place (FLEX, Power Hour, etc.) They will be required to have scheduled intervention time for all students at least four days per week.

Change management leadership by principal: Principals at chosen schools will be part of a Transformational Technology Leadership cohort.

Online collaboration: Participating teachers will be required to use a collaborative learning management system (Google Classroom.)

Core subjects: Devices will be used to access digital core curriculum programs for ELA (Wonders), Math (GoMath), and Science (Open Source Digital Text).

Online formative assessments: Students and teachers will use devices to take frequent common formative assessments using the digital SchoolCity platform. Participating teachers will be required to use digital CFAs on a weekly basis at minimum.

Student-computer ratio: Schools chosen for the program will be provided with enough devices to give their school a one-to-one student-device ratio .

Virtual field trips: Participating teachers will be trained and provided with resources to allow their students to participate in virtual field trips throughout the year.

Search engines: All student devices will have access to quality search engines.

Principal training: Principals will meet monthly to be trained. Schools will be provided with an on-site School Technology Specialist (STS) who will be at their school at least two full days per week. This specialist will push-into classrooms to help with effective technology integration.

Time Commitment

Outcomes and Goals

How to Apply

All Granite School District elementary schools are eligible to apply for the Transformational Technology Initiative.

2018 Dates & Deadlines

14 February 2018 Applications Distributed
2 March 2018 Applications Due
9 March 2018 Schools Announced

For additional information please contact Chris Larsen, Director of Educational Technology in Granite School District.


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