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Hilarious Grannies Try New Technology


There is nothing better than seeing those of us who are no longer spring chickens take on the new technology of today. There is always a learning curve, but often that learning curve leads to a good laugh for everyone involved. Well that was just the case with these two brave grannies!

credit: youtube.com

84-year-old Ann bravely accepted an offer from her grandson Eoin to try out a brand new electric car. But that wasn’t the only challenge, Ann had never driven an automatic car before. You can tell this sweet granny is a little nervous to drive this exciting new car. And when she got in an only saw 2 pedals on the floor she got extra confused. Without a clutch, Ann couldn’t remember which pedal was the brake. And at that point it seemed like Eoin was getting a little nervous too. But the two soldiered on. And needless to say this was one hilarious driving experience.

credit: youtube.com

It seems like once she got the hang of it Ann was having a blast, and she even recommends the car. But by far the best part was at the end when Ann offered to do the test drive again in a bikini to make things more interesting next time. I just about fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard!

credit: twitter.com

Check out this hilarious lady! 81-year-old Flo Hrutkay decided to try her hand at virtual reality. And she is a braver woman than I, I tried ones of these virtual reality things and I was all dizzy after about 15 seconds!

I got the virtual reality Jedi Challege for Christmas and my grandma wanted to play. Please enjoy her fighting Darth Maul😂 pic.twitter.com/6a7rkAIqKH

– Heather Hrutkay (@Hrutkayyy) December 25, 2017

Well Flo’s granddaughter Heather had just gotten the Star Wars Jedi Challenge and decided to let her grandma give it a try. Once you put on the headset you have to battle Star Wars bad-guy Darth Maul with a lightsaber.

credit: twitter.com

Well Flo is a real fighter and watching her battle her heart out is sure to give you a good chuckle! These ladies are so fun, and I truly hope I am just as willing to give the new technology a try when I am their age!

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