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Acer acquires maker of Pawbo Wi-Fi pet camera


Acer has acquired the Wi-Fi pet camera maker Pawbo. The company is showing the new Pawbo camera at the Ifa show in Berlin, which enables users to monitor, interact with and feed their pets remotely through Acer’s cloud-based services. 

The internet-enabled wide-angle camera (130-degrees) and speaker/microphone combo let users check in on their pets visually and talk to them to provide comfort from afar. With privacy in mind, the camera is designed to point slightly downward so that it only captures what pets are doing, while all communication is encrypted for added peace of mind. The device can be controlled over an app for iOS or Android mobile devices. Up to eight concurrent users can log in to view Pawbo live streams, and the device can also be integrated with Dropbox and Google Drive so users can save their precious videos on the cloud.

Pawbo is available for online pre-order in the US, Germany, Italy, Japan and Taiwan at USD 169 with free shipping.