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The mother posts a picture of her daughter. 2 seconds later shes dead.


This is a video that can save lives. So far its been viewed by over 3 million people, and hopefully that number will continue to grow.

Its 4 important minutes, where halfway through you see the life changing out of nowhere event that occurs. Its six people going about their day to day as we all do. Yet all it takes is a stupid action that we all take for granted, and one that many of us have engaged in. Hopefully this will wake us all up and reconsider where our priorities really lie, and why our addictions to technology need to be curbed.

It can wait people. Shut the thing off and drive your damn vehicle. The vast majority of the time people are responding with stupid messages like LOL and they feel the need to respond immediately, even when driving a hunk of metal that has the potential to cause serious damage to those around you. There are hundreds of real life stories out there about how texting or talking on the phone while driving has caused serious accidents, many ending in death. And for what? Some stupid texting response? Updating your Facebook status? Posting a selfie while driving? Share this important message with all the people you care about in order to remind them that it can wait.

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