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Pepper Spray For Your Phone And Other Weekend Links


5 crazy scary rites of passage from around the world. – [Cracked]

Newly released diaries show how madly in love Richard Burton was with Elizabeth Taylor. – [TheDailyBeast]

After over a decade, Jon Hamm has parted ways with his talent agency. – [HollywoodReporter]

Google caved in and made Google wallet into a physical card to put in your wallet. – [Uproxx]

50 things every sports fan should know how to do. – [BleacherReport]

Every woman you know if she was a character from Super Mario. – [Dorkly]

Celebrate Julia Robert’s birthday with a look back at her 25 best dressed moments. – [Elle]

Americans are tenacious in the face of destruction as evidenced by these 5 cities that were destroyed…and completely rebuilt. – [MentalFloss]

Call it the Looper effect. More time travel movies just got the green light. – [Vulture]

Headline Story: The smart phone case comes with a removable cartridge so you don’t accidentally spray your friends during a photo op. – [Telegraph]

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