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Oh Sh*t, Oh Sh*t! 15 Things That Went Through The iPhone 6-Dropper’s Mind



Ah, it’s that time again!

You know, the time when millions of people around the world line up outside of Apple stores in hopes of getting their hands on the latest iPhone.

For some of us, the most stressful thing about this national holiday-like event is coming up with a good excuse to miss four hours of work.

For others, it’s being the first person to get his or her hands on the iPhone and immediately dropping it on live television. That’s exactly what happened to a man in Sydney, Australia.

As the first person to get his hands on the new iPhone, Jack Cooksey probably thought he would get a 30-second news spot and become the next big thing out of Australia.

That’s exactly what happened, but not in the manner he expected. Cooksey dropped his brand new iPhone 6 right on the pavement immediately after opening it.

What the hell do you think was going through his mind?! We have 15 ideas:

In case you missed it, Jack Cooksey, the first person to get his hands on an iPhone 6 in Australia, dropped it immediately.

1. “My bad, Steve… My bad.”

2. The same exact expression people around the world had:

3. How his one chance to be TV star went horribly wrong.

4. How he’ll have to join the rest of the “News Blooper of the Year” nominees.

5. Siri’s well-being.

6. How he might’ve meant to do that…?

7. “Believe me, I’m fine.”

8. “I need Justin Bieber to do something stupid so people can forget.”

9. “You guys don’t listen to Snoop Dogg?”

10. “Here’s how you become a viral Internet sensation…”


11. “Only God can judge me… and millions of Apple fans around the world.”

12. “You’re overreacting. I was just testing out the unbreakable screen.”

13. “I’m pretty sure this news reporter set me up.”

14. You know what they say:

15. “Nothing to see here!”

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