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Apple terms and conditions bug prevents App purchases, updates



Many Apple users took to Twitter this evening to complain about their inability to update Apple Apps. The source of the problem appears to be some kind of infinite terms and conditions loop:

What is going on with @Apple? You cannot buy anything on the app store as it keeps on asking to sign the new Terms & Conditions? WTF???

— Joshua Rockoff (@JoshuaRockoff) October 1, 2012



Apparently Apple knows I don't read the entire terms and conditions…it keeps making me re-accept and won't update anything!

— Sara (@thelittlebite) October 1, 2012

Apple's new terms and conditions have made it impossible to download updates, or apps. Seriously, error causes repeat agreement prompt

— Andrew (@FinanceTX) October 1, 2012

I've accepted the new terms 100 times and STILL CAN'T INSTALL APPS. Anyone? Already hard-restarted, ETC! #WTF #APPLE pic.twitter.com/9pt6tg36

— Zakk Forchilli (@zakkforchilli) October 1, 2012

Dear @apple, I've accepted your terms. Please let me download my app. Thanks!

— Matthew Scott (@MatthewSwiontek) October 1, 2012

Hey @apple how many times must one agree to the updated terms and conditions before being able to update an app? 25?

— Robyn (@robynski) October 1, 2012



I have read the "Terms and Conditions" 15 times now, #Apple #AppStore. Let me update my apps. #glitch

— Jacob Losing (@jacoblosing) October 1, 2012

The latest bug comes just a few days after Apple apologized for a problem with its mobile map App.

What would Steve Jobs think?

If Steve jobs was still alive he would probably kill the person who took over apple cause this new guy is screwing everything up #applewas

— Nick Fox (@Foxn22) October 1, 2012


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